Thursday, July 23, 2009

Water Mist Spray Fan

Keep cool all summer long with this fan with water sprayer! Regular battery powered fans just dont work well enough unless you combine water. Our handheld battery powered fans are perfect for sporting events, long hot car trips and for home. Measures 8" tall and the color you receive will be random.


* Keep cool all year around with this spray fan
* Soft foam fan blades

Must have for heat waves!
These little gadgets works great and a must have in the Summer season. The 1 star poster above obviously installed the batteries backward.

mist in the wind
I put in batteies(the correct way), topped off with water. And what do you know they work fine. Good for young hands,also these young minds will want to see if they can stop the fan with their tounge. yes they can and the foam blades kept them getting cut up. Just one thing. one of them dosen't spary a mist it is more like a squirt gun. But HEY it's hot and feels good.

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